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Pinhead order arrived

Started by Ddaybc, April 23, 2022, 01:12:40 PM

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At the beginning of April I ordered some stuff from Pinhead for my RW4. It arrived the other day and I've put most of it on my bike. I hope the information below is informative and helps others to make good choices when deciding on what, if anything, they want to order.

I received the QR replacement for the front axle (165 mm), two M12 axle nuts for the rear, a headset setup for the fork/steering tube, two seat post clamps, a 34.9 mm and a 30 mm one, and two Pinhead "keys".

I've installed the front QR replacement but only one of the axle nuts sent for the rear hub motor. The axle nuts are M12 (at least I hope both sides are. My 18 mm wrench fits on both sides so I think so) but they are too small to fit over the power cable connection so only one nut is installed. However it appears to be reasonably secure anyway due to the difficulty of removing the rear wheel. Maybe I'll take a look at it this winter as I may have to remove the connection, put the nut in place and then re solder the connection back on.

The steering head is already more secure than I thought. The handlebars are held on with two hex bolts. When I loosened them in order to have access to the steerer/fork bolt I couldn't get the handlebars off the bike. Thus I left it in place and used the headset bolt and fitting on my partners bike to secure her handlebars.

I didn't need to order a 30 mm seat post clamp. I needed to order a 40 mm seat post clamp along with the 34.9 one. That was totally my mistake. The 34.9 seat post clamp works perfectly on the upper seat post and Pinhead is sending me a bolt I can use for the 40 mm seat post clamp on the bottom. They are also going to let me know when they have 40 mm seat post clamps available as they said the manufacturing of them has been held up in la-la land since October. I was able to use the 30 mm seat post clamp on my partners bike to secure her seat so it's all good.

I like the way Pinhead has dealt with me and my order. I'm definitely going to order the QR replacements for my partners bike when we are ready for it. She has a QR front and rear so she definitely needs something to make them a bit more secure.

I know nothing is fool proof but every little bit helps. My next step will be to order some of the Pitlock stuff to add a bit of security to the bikes, the add ons or accessories.



great stuff and summary, I was already looking for some security upgrades, especially for the front axle and Seat.

Could you post links to the exact item you ordered, it might help people here.

Furthermore We Want Pictures :D