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Need help - swapped back tire tub now rotor rubs against brake mount

Started by murfman89, April 18, 2022, 06:32:29 AM

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Hello, I know I am out of warranty, wanted to know what I did wrong with tub swap. 

Had a flat on rear tire, swapped tubs and when I reinstalled the rear rim the brake rotor now rubs on the brake metal mount where the screw (only the back screw hole/mount) rubs bad against the brake rotor or disk.   

What did I miss?  The tire does spin but stops due to rubbing on the rotor.    It worked fine before the swap.   Thanks in advance.   - Mike



Quote from: rjp on April 18, 2022, 03:58:49 PM
You must have a spacer or washer out of it's normal place.

Yes, that was it, the torgue washer was missing on the brake side.   But I have another issue, for some reason now the brake is rubbing against the rotor (the back screw nearest the rotor), I've tried adjusting the brake caliper and reinstalling it about 4x times with no joy. 

Any thoughts on why this is now?  With the brake off the wheel spins easily, add the brake caliper back and it totally rubs.




murfman I wish I was there to help you, but i'm not. Go on you tube and look up bike disc brake caliper replacement and follow instructions its not that hard. good luck Russ 


Seems the back Torque Washer is missing on the rotor side and RadBike is out of stock, does anyone have a link for in stock torque washers?   

Thanks in advance.



Fixed - I was able to add 2 washers for a temp fix but then my order of the RadCity Axel repair kit came in, added that washer instead and all good to go.  Did 15 miles yesterday with zero issues.


Good job murfman I knew you could do it. Next time it will be easier. Just remember to watch for the falling parts. You'll need them!   


I made one and hahahaha watch for falling parts is so true.  In doing maintenance, trouble shooting and mods near to loose screws, bolt and the like are the norm on the two Rads I have experience with.  For instance the back axle bolt came off super easy and the bottom bracket was also super easy to unscrew as well as the screws holding the battery, controller in the frame.   I went through the whole bike giving a light lighten after finding so many loose or just barely tightened enough bolts and screws.  They are build in China.   Now,,, with that said it is important to keep in mind that non professional mechanics have a tendency to over tighten, I did,  so try not to do that.  Sourcing that locking washer: Few years back, I saw some on the Walmart site but ended making my own.  I lost one on an  old peddle bike and it was surprising easy to put a washer in my vice  grip and hand saw two places enough to bend it in so  it will  fit in the grove on the frame.  Would suck to have your rear wheel fall off.