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Are there alternate controller for the Radmission?

Started by Keith Haddad, April 17, 2022, 11:31:19 AM

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Keith Haddad

Trying to get my RadMission fixed... I was told its probably the controller.
The people repairing the bike are trying to get a controller from RadPowered but its taking a really long time.
So, if possible Im thinking I might just buy an off brand controller but Im relatively new to Ebikes so Im not sure exactly what Im looking for.

If possible Ill ask the repair people if I can buy the alternate part and have them install it.

Thanks for any help :)



The link to the Area 13 controller is

The same controller is also available through ElectroBike World:

These are plug and play on most Rad bikes, but check with whoever you are buying from on compatibility with the RadMission.

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