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Radrunner1 Noise When Braking

Started by NFRAP2V2, April 16, 2022, 07:12:17 AM

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I have a Radrunner1 with around 500 miles on it.  Recently it has begun making a chunk chunk chunk rotational noise when applying the rear brakes.  When spinning the rear wheel freely on the center stand and braking, I do not hear the noise, it only happens when there is a load/person on the bike.  I also do not see any abnormalities when spinning the rear wheel.  The wheel and brake rotors appear to be straight with little to no wobble, and the brake pads have plenty of life on them.

My worry is a problem inside the motor.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank You


I had the same issue with my bike although I was able to trace the noise to the front wheel. I resolved it as I had been noticing both brake levers were coming closer to the handlebars than I liked so I adjusted the brakes. I don't know why but it resolved the issue. Hopefully your issue will be resolved with something as simple. Begin looking for the issue by making sure everything is tight. The callipers, rotors, check your spokes etc.