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Rover in RDU, NC

Started by avg_joe, April 15, 2022, 12:58:11 PM

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Hi friends, I picked up this Rad Rover StepThrough1 late last fall, it was brand new in the box, obviously unassembled, and definitely not stolen. A young man received it as a gift from his parents and he didn't want it: I went to their house, parents were very cool but very unhappy with him, and I bought it for half the retail price. 8)

Immediately, I was in love with the bike. I have been riding at least 5 days a week, minimum 10 miles, with longer rides on the weekends ever since I got it. Aside from the physical exercise, I also find riding very meditative; and it's rekindled that sense of slow down and explore more I had as a child. It has become Hobby (Passion?) #1.

My weeknight route is through suburbia, and I've managed to find some legal dirt paths and trails - so this daily route is ~6mi onroad, ~4mi offroad. Some times I shorten the onroad leg and do more dirt. Weekend rides tend to be 95% dirt.

Anyway, I also did some mods:

  • I went with the Bolton controller/display after a few months.
  • Ergon grips, Suntour NCX seatpost, Bontrager Boulevard saddle, Iberra rack.
  • Invested in both Foldylock Classic (longest folding lock I could find, and very secure) and a HipLock Gold.
  • After my first rear flat, I went with FlatOut in the tires and no flats since!
  • I did swap out the tires as well: the Juggernauts, to me, were bad onroad and off. Found some Goodyear tires that are not Goodyear, but rather Innova (Love Tires) LV-1003, and these have been an immense upgrade: they roll much better due to the center tread, and offroad they chew threw everything. Hardly top of the line, but I am thrilled with them. Plus they say Goodyear on them.
  • Hexlox skewer to replace front QR skewer, and Hexlox fitting for seatpost clamp bolt to replace that QR.

Been reading this forum since I got the bike, figured it was time to join up - so, Hi!



Looks like you got a great deal - congratulations!
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.


Congratulations on a nice bike. I like your mods. Well done.