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Radrunner Plus with child carrier

Started by MrBro, April 13, 2022, 11:50:10 AM

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I have about 100 miles on my newer Radrunner Plus and absolutely love it! I live in a smaller town that has a great trail running through it, and well past it. About 34 miles total, so we do a lot of recreational riding here. The kiddo was just getting old enough to ride safely in the carrier so we got it all hooked up and it handles perfectly fine. It's no problem for me to drive, wife riding on back and kid in the pull behind to go up to the park and hang out!

For anyone interested in attaching the carrier, I used the standard connector that came with it, but added a small washer inside so the stock flanged nut sat flat. It doesn't bolt as far onto the threads, but is plenty secure. I check it often and it's not budged at all.

Also included a pic of the bigger front light mounted upside down on the front rack. I used my vise to bend and change the angles so it didn't hang too low. At full compression on the shock it still won't hit the tire, so it works for me for now.

Overall very pleased with the new bike and wanted to share. Can't wait for warmer days ahead!