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USB blowout?

Started by Radicali, April 10, 2022, 09:49:03 AM

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Sorry to hear about your plight Jay.  I'm glad you are still able to ride.  But that's a crazy long wait! 

I'm told I will be given some options by Rad.  But not sure what they are or when they will call.  The funny thing is I paid extra to have one of their installers take care of this to avoid any hassles. Let's see what they have to say. I hope that there is still a simple resolution so this does not escalate into a bigger problem. I mean, I just want to ride...and so many others might be discouraged to be Rad owners with these problems...

Jay West

Yah! It's kind of a sad time for everyone.  The shipping and availability of replacement parts has been a problem for the customer and RAD.  I can see where RAD can have trouble getting parts (pandemic etc.) but on the other hand if they can get and build ebikes to sell why can't they get parts as they have to have parts to build ebikes.  Hope everything works out.  Keep us informed.


Thanks Jay,  I agree that the pipeline needs some grease and better planning. 

After some more diagnostics it's been determined that it might not be the motor after all.  Installer is being sent a new throttle and display.  We are waiting for these to arrive.  More to come...


Here's the latest.  Rad sent the installer a new throttle, display, and a third part. After replacing all, the bike still shows an error that points to a motor issue.  I spoke to Rad directly and since the motors are really backed up the only options are a bike replacement or return. I am very tempted to return, get my 2 G's back, and use it up on iced lattes and a new Mac.  But I decided that the installer should tell Rad we want a replacement. 

So now they will send him a new bike.  He has to ship back the old one and install the new one.  How long has it been?

This kind of reminds me of the old Schwinn stingray bikes.  My cousin got the Apple Krate while I settled on the Lemon Peeler.  This time I'm returning the lemon. Let's hope Rad ships out a perfect apple asap.


I guess this is the beginning of a new story.  With a happy ending.

Rad sent out a new replacement bike to the installer pretty quickly.  The installer built the bike the moment it walked in the door and this one was problem free.  It was put together fast.  Everything worked! 

I picked it up at closing and make some minor adjustments at home.


The process was arduous but I believe the original bike was just a lemon.
The installer who seemed befuddled at first was just surprised and confused at all the issues.
Turns out he was more experienced and savvy than I had thought.  I misjudged.
He went to bat and dogged Rad to resolve this.
Rad was very happy to resolve but internal issues and global ones made this a lot harder.
Rad personnel were hard to reach but once connected were kind and helpful.
The pro team that works with the installer was very responsive.
If the original bike was like the replacement this would have been a breeze.

I've taken the bike out twice on a short ten minute night ride and a longer 45 minute neighborhood cruise.  I have some initial reactions which I will post under a new thread called: Blowout to Bonanza.

Thank you all for your support.  I am officially a real Rad owner!  I will see you in the other thread.

Radding Along

Your issue doesn't sound like a motor problem. Motors are dumb, they have no circuit boards. If your motor works with throttle and PAS but not at the same time, that sounds like a controller issue. The controller is the brains of the operation.

I would call Rad again and troubleshoot the problem with them. If they are still telling you it's a motor issue, ask to speak to a higher level of support person. That's crazy that someone told you it's the motor.

Your motor either A. works fine, B. Shows an error 24 on the display, or C. Does not work at all. There is no D option where throttle and PAS don't work together.

Quote from: Jay West on April 22, 2022, 07:34:41 PM
Good luck on getting the motor Radicali. I've been waiting seven(7) months to get a replacement for my Rad City 5 Plus.  Still Waiting.   
My Rad City runs Ok but I can't use the throttle and Pedal together. Crazy but I still like the bike even though I had to change my way of riding it 1500 miles.  I also have a 2018 Rad City Step Thru.


Thanks Radding Along!  Makes sense.  Well the bike is back with Rad.  They can figure it out. I'm using the problem free replacement and so far it's problem free and pretty Rad!  :P