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Ergon - GP1 Ergonomic Lock-on Bicycle Handlebar Grips

Started by rsghowellnj, April 07, 2022, 01:05:02 PM

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Re: Ergon - GP1 Ergonomic Lock-on Bicycle Handlebar Grips.  I wear either a small or medium glove.  These grips come in Small or Large.  Does anyone own a set of these Grips to advise whether I should go with the Small or Large?  Thanks in advance

Radio Runner

I like the smaller size. I wear fingered gloves all year. Light ones in the summer and thicker in the winter etc. the large worked ok but I like the way my hand wraps around the small better.

A gloved hand makes a grip feel slightly bigger so I prefer the small. If I was riding bare handed I would go with large.


Radio Runner -  thank you for your reply.  Let me ask you this .... if you were to wear any type of glove, what size glove would you wear?  That will give me. reference point.  I only ask because they said the Large Grips are for people who wear a Large or X-Large Glove and the Small is for someone that would wear a Small or Medium Glove.  A small glove is tight on me.  I medium fits good.  A large glove on my hands would be way way to big. 


This is a very good topic. In my experience the glove size varies by manufacturer. In the end I've concluded, despite having medium size hands, most large gloves are a better fit for me. Almost without fail. YMMV.


@Rover - Do you own the Ergon - GP1 grips?  If so, what size grip do you prefer (Large or Small)?


I wear XL sized gloves and I use the large Ergon grips on my Rover 5. The large Ergon grips are just a little larger than the stock leather grips that came on my Rover.


@crorris - Wow thank you SO SO much for the feedback.  If I wear a medium glove (in your opinion) which is much smaller then a XL Glove, do you think I would get away with using the Large Grips instead of the Small?  Again, in your opinion and I know allot of this is subjective.


@rsghowellnj The large grips are only a tiny bit larger than the stock Rad leather grips. So, if you don't feel that the standard grips are too large, I would think the large Ergon ones would be okay. If you think the stock ones are already a little large for you, I'd probably go with the smaller Ergon.

I used a string to measure the distance around the largest part of both grips. Here's what they were:

Stock Rad leather grip   5.25"
Ergon GP1 Large grip    5.75"

Hope this helps.


Thank you!  It would have helped if I washed to review.  The ONLY Ergon Grips that will work on the RADExpand 5 and the RADMini (I assume other RAD bikes as well) are the Ergon GP1 Grips (Rohloff/Nexus) which ONLY come in 1 size --> Large.