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Rhino 6 Plus needs more...

Started by liammac06, April 07, 2022, 05:21:43 AM

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Hey folks, new to the forum and hoping to share/get some good tips, etc.  I'm from the States, but living and working in Belgium until late 2024.  I wanted to get a US spec RadRover, but they wouldn't ship to me, so I bought a Rhino 6 plus from the UK.  My issue is with the motor.  First, the bike is heavy, and I'm not a small guy, so combined, the stock motor/controller set up is lacking.  Second, I'm not happy with the gears/mechanism.  So, my question to the forum there a way to get a compatible 500-750 watt motor/controller that I can swap out for the pitiful 350 watt version I had to purchase here in Europe?



Currently, there are no plug-and-play options for the Rover 6+ and City 5+. But I am hopeful for the future.

For now, at least you would have to change out most if not all the electrical components and wiring to achieve what you are looking to do.

Again, I'm hopeful for the future...


why didn't you bought a Rad Rhino from the Rad Power Bike shop in Utrecht/Holland ?
There u could test the bike first before buying...

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