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Thinking about buying a radmini step-thru

Started by Ft.Geral, April 06, 2022, 11:07:25 AM

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Hi everyone

I want to know what do you recommend to buy an ebike. I'm already search everything I can about this. I'm 5'1, around 140lb. I live in Toronto and I'm thinking to use it for going to work (25 km round).



I have an ebike.  I have commuted for many years on a bicycle.  Ebikes are a lot of fun but I think it is still a bit impractical for commuting.  It would depend on whether you have a good parking spot for a $1500 bike shielded from rain and weather.

The major problem I see is safe parking for a $1500 bike while you work.  Daily sun and rain damage (hub, battery, display, controller) while parked.

After 3-4 years, my commuting non electric bike was just all used up.  The rack failed.  The front derailleur fell off.  All the cables (sitting in the sun and rain) had to be replace.  So if you budget for maintenance and/or a replacement - things will be OK.

Rad Mini ST no longer for sale.  Just saw.  Edited my answer.