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Cascade Manufacturing Rack Deck Plate Compatible with Topeak MTX

Started by rsghowellnj, April 01, 2022, 10:06:21 AM

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Has anyone tried using the Cascade Manufacturing Rack Deck Plate Compatible with Topeak MTX ( on the RAD Expand 5?  I'm just trying to find out if anyone had any compatibility issues.



This bag has 1380 cubic inch storage capacity.  Kind of pricey but the panniers work really well to carry my laptops back and forth on my commute to work.


Any problems with it sticking or being difficult to slide on or off? Asking because I'm thinking of getting this adapter plate.


It does not stick but it is a very tight fit to take off.  I have not tried to put a try lubricant on it to see if that helps or not.  Personally I would rather it fit tightly rather then have any play where the bag would rattle.


Following along..

I have spent hours tyring to find the same solution reading about Topeak Racks and Adaptors...

I wished this would have worked - but it too narrow to fit on the rad rack as per my reading.

The cascade made adaptor is currently out of stock :(