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Headlight button causes issue

Started by Kkjw357, March 25, 2022, 07:14:56 PM

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90 miles in on my new Rad city 5 plus.  :)  When I go to turn off the headlight it causes the bike to lose power. I have to turn it off and bring it back on in Order to get power back. If I leave the headlight button alone I have no issues. Anybody else have this problem yet? What's the fix?


I am also going through the same issue. I hope to message RAD this in the next few days and hopefully get a response on resolving this.


hi, I am also experiencing the same exact issue with my Radcity 5 Plus.  The power stays on as long as the lights are on, but once I turn off the light, the power goes away.  This was not the case when I first got the bike and only became like this in the last day.  I have only had the bike for the past couple weeks.  Have you guys reported the issue to RadPower?  Any feedback?  Thanks


I was able to call RAD and explain the issue with the headlight shutting off the PAS and throttle. They had me do a cable check and look for error codes. After this they confirmed it was a faulty controller that needs replacing.

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