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Mods - Creative, Cool, or Odd

Started by HJW808, March 23, 2022, 04:53:51 PM

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I'll start... created a unique "trunk bag" alternative by modifying a 50mm ammo can and adding a padlock.  Waterproof and makes my MiniST a bit more... well, manly!


Hmm, let me see!
I fitted the guts of a 4-48V LED into the housing for a motorbike light which initially housed a 12V bulb:

Swapped the BMW style bars for a MTB straight bar, and installed brown grips and custom caps;

I've also got this canvas pannier that I've been waiting for drier weather to put back on.

And i redrilled a couple of steel mudguards for another 20x4 bike to get them onto the Rad, and fitted a pair of Vee Speedster whitewalls;

There's also an airhorn, with the reservoir mounted in the storage console, a 5300 Lumen front light and a 35A controller & display fitted, but they're more bolt-ons than mods, really... :D


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