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Mystery no go (s)

Started by RadHawaiians, March 18, 2022, 04:48:45 PM

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We have two almost new City 5+ bikes, one white (wife) one black (me). We live on the Kona coast of Hawaii which bikes we had to ship over ourselves, since Rad doesn't ship or mail bikes or parts to Hawaii or Alaska.

Both bikes have been working fine, and were in placed in storage for a month (due to a non-related injury).

This morning we started on a ride and the white was getting no power to the motor, black worked fine. Rad support walked us through testing. We disconnected and cleaned all the brake, brakelight, and motor connecters, which cured the problem.

We set off on both bikes. While still in our driveway, about a 100' ride, we stopped so I could help wife adjust her seat. I was stopped for one minute to make the adjustment on white, without turning black off.

When we started off, black has no motor power.

Back to Rad support. I've snapped the brake levers, disconnected every circuit, cleaned the connecters, and reconnected them. No results, black still has no power. Displays work as should, and I've have never had an error code.

I find it plausable that this relates to our proximity to the ocean (approx 100') and that both bikes acted the same way. What has me confused is the white bike was dead first, and black bike fine ... one minute later, the opposite. Cleaning the brake and taillight connecters fixed white, but not black. I can't imagine that there would be simultaneous failure (one temporary) of a major component on BOTH bikes with exactly the same symptoms.

I also can't imagine what the problem is.

Any ideas out there in Radland?

Smitty & Kapalili, home @ Kailua-Kona, HI


If both of the displays light up and the motor/PAS do not work, I would typically go to the error 25 checks first. I have heard that on the new bike the error code doesn't always come up but the symptoms still do.

However, it sounds like you have already done the error 25 checks. disconnecting the brake levers and taillight and motor connections to see if that makes the motor go again.

The next thing that I can think of would be the controller and or the wire harness may need to be replaced. Though the hard part sounds like getting parts shipped to you from Rad since it sounds like they do not ship to your state.

Still very weird that the working bikes when put away then both having the same issue when brought out of storage.....


Si1Dia, they are sendung harness and controller to our daughter on mainland for her to send to us.

I agree the whole issue was weird ... maybe oir bikes are haunted.
Smitty & Kapalili, home @ Kailua-Kona, HI


I have had issues with the same stuff you have going on, Rad support is great, But my issue has not been resolved after 11 months, My problem is that things shut down about every 10 miles or so. Exact response as putting on the brakes, BUT, All I have to do is touch a brake lever, And all is back to normal, They wanted to send me a Brand new Radrover 5 , But  I declined, Because I am married to this one, I have it dialed in with ALL accessories. Rad will take care of you with any problems you might have in my experience with them.