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RR+ rear basket gets in the way of seat height adjustment

Started by carlpond, March 17, 2022, 11:52:49 AM

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Installed a rear basket on my RR+ and found that the basket prevents lowering the seat all the way.

I am now considering using a hack saw to remove a portion of the basket that interferes with seat height adjustment.

Does anyone have a more elegant way of fixing this problem?

Radio Runner

Hard to say without a picture. I assume it cant be moved father back?

Radding Along

Sounds like you are referring to the large basket. If that's the case, the large basket is designed to have the long end go side to side. You probably installed the long end front to back.

Personally I wouldn't cut it. I would try to design some flat bar pieces to move the basket back a few inches to clear the seat. Or to state the fairly obvious, rotate the basket so the long ends go side to side like it was intended.