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Rad city 5 plus No power when pedalling

Started by Bodsworld, March 12, 2022, 11:30:13 AM

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Just received a brand new straight out the box Rad City 5 plus.  Fixed it all together, all the leads are connected and the battery is fully charged.  It will switch on and the lights work and you can adjust the power up to level 5.  The brake light works on both levers.

However when you turn the crank absolutely no power is going to the motor.  Even tried it on the road but it's completely dead to the motor.  This is brand new out the box.  I haven't contacted Rad support yet.

Any suggestions?  I have checked and triple checked all connections



Obviously I can't say with a 100% certainty, but allow me to provide a piece of advice.
If after checking ""ALL"" your wire connections and assuming you assembled your bike properly, then you
""PROBABLY'' have an issue with the controller. Unfortunately Rad has no controllers in stock for the
RadCity 5 Plus ( I learned the hard way ). Even if Rad is able to send you another controller, reject-it as it may not solve your problem.
Do not use the bike and immediately request for a return under their 14 day return policy.
I went through two RadCity 5 Plus and they definitely have an issue with quality control.
I just bought a 6Plus and its working great.
BTW - Rad has excellent customer service and they will help, even on Saturdays.

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