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New to Rad e-bikes, with our Rad City 5 Step-thru - Headset issue

Started by Dale2000, March 04, 2022, 05:23:12 PM

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Our Rad City Plus 5 arrived today, I put it together, where a friend came over to give me a hand after I was nearly done.  This is my wife's bike, and someone mentioned the handlebars need to be lower (in their opinion) so my friend loosened this off, eventually pulling all the spacers off, where he thought their was a problem with the bottom portion, so then he had all those parts off as well!   We put it back as we thought, but we can't get it to tighten up no matter how tight we turn the bolt, so I said to stop there, and I'll take it to a bike shop and have them assess the issue, and set it up.   So, after taking out one spacer (to lower the bars a bit) it doesn't seem to matter how tight we tighten the bolt of the top headset, it still wiggles away, knowing it shouldn't do so.   At the moment, we have a new bike with zero miles, and we can't even take it for a spin (so much for having a 'friend' help) and to top it off, somehow the rubber piece that fits over the top bolt hole is now missing!   I tried finding a Youtube video on how the whole Rad City Plus 5 headset all fits together properly and how to adjust it correctly, so I thought I'd try here, and see if there is such a video out there?     Thanks for any advice/suggestions you might have. :-\


Rad customer support is the best, They will take care of all issues you have, They came through above and beyond for me, They should do the same for you.