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Local bike shops won't work on Rads here in Santa Cruz, Ca.

Started by santacruzpaul, February 26, 2022, 06:14:21 PM

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This is a reply I posted a few minutes ago, Hope I didn't offend anyone for being off topic, But, Not finding a bike shop to work on Rads was in one of the replies. So here is my experience here in Santa Cruz. Here is the link,
Thanks, Paul

Most local bike repair shops won't touch a Radbike here in Santa Cruz, Ca. They cater to their own sales of stocked e-bikes, Even bike repair shops that don't sell e-bikes won't touch them, I have been to shops here for repairs on the Radrover that will accept them,  and the quality of works is WELL below standard, I used to be a machinist in my younger days, And can do all and any repairs myself, BUT can no longer do so due to my age and this old body is giving out.


Sucks. Talk about bad business decisions by those bike shops. 99% of the time they would be working on components by name brands like Shimano. So it's not like they have a valid excuse. One day this will all sound crazy in retrospect. Meanwhile, sorry to hear about your situation.


This probably is largely due to resentment over the dominance of Rad in the industry.

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