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Radrunner+ EU version with Egg Rider - Some questions

Started by Sonar, February 16, 2022, 02:01:09 AM

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Hi All,

First post, so let me first introduce myself. I am from the Netherlands. Used to ride an electric step but these are illegal here (hookers, drugs no problem, electric step? straight to jail) and I got fined for a yet unknown amount. So I sold the step and seriously consider getting the RR+ EU version. Been reading a lot and would like to have some things checked/ answered before I order

1. What is the actual range? Of course, depends on a TON of things but does this work similar to your phone? It says 3 days, first months you get maybe 2 and eventually it's 1 dropping down to less than a day. I read a lot about second batteries here; is that because you need it or because you make crazy long rides on full throttle? My step was sold as 70km (42 miles), first month it was like 40/45 (25 miles) then it went downwards FAST. Got to 20km (12miles) after 1500km (900 miles). Again, I understand there is not one answer here.

2. Egg rider seems very interesting. Am I correct when I say 'the EU version has the same hardware as the US version but software limits this. Egg rider 'unlocks' the full potential' Crazy gains for the EU version but even interesting for US users'

3. What kind of milage are we talking about when riding full throttle, max speed.. Is that 3km? 10? 15? (again, million variables, just like to have a general idea)

4. Does egg rider allow you to switch between profiles with a single click? Effectively going from racemonster to legal when there is a police check

5. I read a lot about firmware updates and software issues. Will this prevent you from driving at all? Or you just can't use the settings ('boss, I am late. My bike needs to update the firmware but I get an error code")

6. How is not everybody complaining about the central console not having a lock  ;D

Sorry if some of my questions have been answered on here already. Been reading quite a bit but just like to have some stuff double checked before I order. Sometimes the wording is not clear, it's about a different model or I read contradicting stuff elsewhere

Looking forward to contribute on here once I get my badboii!



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