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Rad Mini 4 LCD Display

Started by flaco1801, February 15, 2022, 09:58:27 PM

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Hello...Have been having problems with bike cutting out...I just replaced the throttle today and still have problem...Been reading that the button with the display could be the problem..Rad has none in stock...Does anyone have a display for my Rad Mini 4?  thanks in advance....Jeff  (its cheaper than the controller which is the next step)


I did not have a display. I'm curious about your problem though.
How long will your bike run before it cuts out?
Do you have the lights on the bike when the bike cuts off?
Do you get any error messages on the display when the bike cuts out?
Where did you get the replacement throttle? I'm curious about the throttle because I would like to switch mine to a thumb throttle instead of a twist throttle.

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Hi Veggy....First i bought the throttle from Rad its a twist throttle but i put an aftermarket velcro thumb lever...I would ride about 2 miles on peddle assist and when i got near the house i would use the throttle...I would do about a mile and it would go dead...i would roll into garage and check the battery gauge on the battery and it would be dead but i would take the battery out and bench test with my Fluke and get 51 volts and the battery gauge would read 3 green lights...and then i can turn nike on again.......and never got an error code....i have a new controller coming from Rad....i would have liked to do the display before the controller  but like i said its out of stock hence my original post......hope i answered your question...Jeff


Wow that really is odd behavior. And once the bike dies if you just simply turn the key off all the way to the unlock position it does not reset the display and controller?
Please post a follow-up once you have the new controller installed. Did they ask you to send back the old controller? If not I would suggest trying to or sending it to someone with another mini and seeing if it works on their bike.
The only electronic problems I've had with my mini 4 is the dreaded error 25 which is the tail light issue. Fairly easy to remedy.

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Same with me

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 And once the bike dies if you just simply turn the key off all the way to the unlock position it does not reset the display and controller?...I used the peddle assist for about 2 close to house and turned on throttle it display no reading on the battery meter....i waited about 3 hours...went to check periodically to see if the display would come on.....I finally unlocked the battery and dropped it back in....the display works and the battery gauge lights again....If i test battery i will get at least 51 volts...hope the controller fixes this...i need the display but they are out of stock...with all the conversions to 35 amp controllers i would imagine there are plenty of displays laying around....