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Would a eggrider work to increase wattage on my Rad rover 6 plus?

Started by Ginopoly, February 06, 2022, 02:06:00 PM

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I live in Canada and purchased the Radrover 6 plus. They have taken out the 750 watts in the specs, I can put top speed to 40 km but without that 750 watts I am only getting 30km on flat surface In Canada the max wattage is only 500 as for the US it is 750, this heavy bike has no torque to go up hills at 500 watts and I am wondering if anyone knows if a eggrider could get me that 750 watts or anything else that could work.


In theory the EggRider should improve the Rad performance.  Many, many reviews out there saying the EggRider does enable nearly 900 watts power (17 amps x 48 volts = 816 Watts).  What is not clear is if the CA product is hardware limited to 500 watts (500Watts / 48 Volts = 10.4 Amps from controller) or if it is a software limitation.  Best course of action would be to reach out EggRider direct and ask via their contact page.  They are very responsive and should be able to provide some good guidance.  Alternate course of action would be to purchase the Bolton 35 AMP Controller & Display upgrade that is plug and play.  Bolton is also very responsive to inquiries.




Probably your best bet is to replace the controller with one compatible with your needs.  My guess, just a guess, is that the original controller cannot be easily converted to improve power. Otherwise, Rad would be in trouble for making it so easy to hot rod.  If there was an economical (I stress economical) solution such as rewiring something, flick a switch, change a resistor or even changing the speed sensor, etc, somebody would have figured it out by now and would be making a lot of money selling a kit, selling a service, or selling information. The sellers of improved controllers would be out of business. The first person to do so would be bragging on the internet that the xxx allows them to go so much faster. The fact that it has not happened says a lot.


Just to go off topic a wee bit...

The eggrider has made a huge difference to my RadRunner EU version, i'm guessing my controller is plenty powerful yet hobbled by EU law, I'm not interested in speed or throttle just the oomph to get uphill, the bike was seriously crippled before i installed the new ER, now i have the bike set to 19 amps, I'm flying up those hills!


Can the eggRider and the 35 amp controller be combined? I'd like to keep the 35 amp controller wattage legal with the push of a button on the eggRider. I'm in Canada, we're only suppose to have 500 watts of power.