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Waiting for 3rd City 5

Started by pjiaria, February 03, 2022, 07:58:25 AM

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Quote from: pjiaria on February 03, 2022, 07:58:25 AM
2nd one - DOA, no power to motor, displays not reporting battery level correctly (main - not at all), physical oddities. (details on request)

● What were the physical oddities?  You mean something mechanical vs. something electrical?  I am just curious.

● I guess I am just old school.  I really don't like those connectors.  I think I am fairly strong and I have a good grip but those connectors are physically very difficult to open.  And, when opened those wires look thin and flimsy.  At first I thought, what do I know.  Maybe I am just too old and too conservative.  But they have been giving me a lot of trouble.


Eric7--totally agree about how difficult they are to take apart.


Quote from: NeilCutcliffe on May 29, 2022, 04:47:06 PM
New Rad City 5 high step, got code 30 out of the box. Rad sent a new wiring harness and motor controller. Wiring Harness arrived first. I replaced it but still got code 30. New motor controller arrived yesterday and I installed it today.

Now code 30 is gone. But I only get power for about 1 or 2 seconds and the power to the motor cuts out. The display and side panel are still on, no errors reported. The headlight and taillight are still on. But no power to the motor in response to either hand throttle or PAS mode.

I had the same rough time as pjiaria finding the screw holes in the controller during mounting.

Very discouraged. I'll contact RAD CS tomorrow, see what they propose next.

To mount the controller screw one of the mounting screws partially in, slide the controller up keeping the back pressed against the side, once you hit the screw let it down and push the controller up, now tighten the screw so it's hitting the controller and slid up some more and it will hit the hole. Once you partially screw in the first the second goes right in just don't fully tighten one, tighten them both at once.

I too have experienced controller problems. Bought bike in Feb. worked one short ride got error 30, called and got a new controller - 2 weeks from ship to delivery BUT it was for a step through and I needed it for my high step. So they sent out another one (2 + more weeks) this one was for a Rover 6 (which is not compatible with the motor). So out goes another and I get it, it's branded on the bag as 5 high step BUT it's ANOTHER Rover 6 (2 + more weeks go by). The only saving thing is I was able to temporarily use the controller from the step through so I've been able to ride. I don't know what I would have done because when you add up the time... wow! So anyway I received a controller this week and it looks right on a quick glance but I WILL be checking carefully as putting these in IS a pain BUT unfortunately I've gotten really good at it. The 6 controller looks exactly like the 5 high step (different model numbers etc. of course) and since it said 5 on the bag I did NOT check it any farther (a mistake).

I will say that overall Rad support has been great BUT in my experience they will NOT expedite any replacement parts (although they tell you they did) nor do they have a shipment point on the east coast so I think those are major problems they will have to overcome.


Still going, the newer controller may be a updated version, I HOPE. If you got a lemon, you should ask about replacing it BUT the newer controller is what you're after. Good luck to all.


Controller still holding BUT the center display is gibberish. Some half lit, some missing legs of numbers. No part of display is working normally. Warranty part coming from CS, who has been outstanding. Let's build a working bike before the warranty runs out.


The physical oddities on that 2nd bike was bird shit on the handle bars and tree, shrub dirt on the rear hub... YUP.

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