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Rover 5 Taillight Not Visible

Started by CRRrider, January 17, 2022, 02:14:09 PM

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Most of our riding is rural and/or off-road so I only recently noticed that the brake light is below the peak of the fender and therefore pretty much invisible to approaching cars. Couldn't find anything on this in a forum search. Has anyone else noticed this? How did it get past the designers of the bike?


If you could buy the Rad rear rack it would definitely solve your problem. It comes with the cable extension and puts the taillight in the optimum location. This rack is well made and just adds to this bike, couldn't imagine loading this thing in my truck without it because you are able to grab the rack.


Yep, that's pretty goofy - you can even see in the promo photo on the Rad sales website for the bike that on a level plane, that light is hidden from view.

But the company would probably argue that nobody is viewing it from an elevation equal to the light; pedestrians, other bikes, cars, trucks and motorcycles would all put the operator's eyes well above that, looking down onto a visible rear light, unless they were at some distance away.

While true, that's not exactly satisfactory IMHO, so remounting would be a good idea.

You might also consider something like this; I added one to the underside of my Cloud 9 seat on my MiniST, even though the brake light was visible both before and after I added the rear rack:

It's not expensive, super bright, lasts quite a few hours on a charge, has several blinking modes and the best feature is that it's motion-sensitive for both turning on and off so you never have to touch it except when recharging it.  I usually toss both it and my add-on front light onto chargers when I do the main battery.
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.


I agree on getting a rack. I got one off Amazon. The light is now very visible.



Just to share some alternatives with you.  I rubber banded a blinking red light to the back of my helmet.  I also have an official Rad Rack and extended the tail light further back. 

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