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Any recommendations for handlebar grip?

Started by Eric7, January 11, 2022, 12:49:33 PM

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I like the stock grips - especially the grip profile - but wish it had a locking ring so that I can put weight on the flat part of the grip and it would not rotate during a ride. There are many grips available but they are for regular bikes without a throttle.  Does anyone have a recommendation for something for ebikes (I guess it means having half a grip on the right).  Thanks.


I installed these on my MiniST a few months ago (wanted a better, more-rubbery grip - I think the stock grips look nice but are far too slippery) and have been very happy with them.  They fit perfectly, look good and even have a cut-line in just the right place on the grip for trimming with a boxcutter, hacksaw or other decent knife to size for use with a twist throttle.  They are a very nice upgrade IMHO.  Put a little effort into trimming the right-side grip cleanly after you make the cut, for best appearance and so you can snug it up right against the throttle.

Tip: before installing, clean both the bar and the inside of the grip with rubbing alcohol and let it evaporate.  Then spray the bar with a heavy-duty-hold hairspray (I taped a plastic bag over the throttle, brake assembly and bar to catch any overspray) and slide the grips into the right position; you'll have a little time before it starts to set up, so sit on the bike in riding position and put them where you want them.  Let them be for a couple of days for the spray to evaporate from the bar surface; at that point they should be as solid as a rock, yet still removable if necessary.  Mine have never shifted after the spray was fully set, but if you try riding with them too soon they will probably break loose and never get completely tight on the bar afterward.  I had to remove and re-spray one of mine to discover that fact.
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I put the Ergon GP1 grips in the YouTube link above on my Rover 5 and love them. I wasn't sure if the rubber would feel better than the standard leather, but it does.


+1 on Ergonomic grips!
I converted my RR2 to a thumb throttle and full length grips size large and love it.


I don't like the stock grips I actually hate their shape. i just want good rubber round grips
I use snowmobile grips They come 8" long and ya just cut em to length
I then put 1.25 "Grab On" M/C foam grip covers over the Snowmobile Grips. Now the grips have a 1 3/8" outside  Dia
Perfect and soft for me Just like my M/C grips

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Another vote for Ergon. You will need to cut the right side for the throttle but that's easily done. Start with a test cut higher than the optimal cut zone for practice.


I didn't have to cut anything for my Rover 5. The Ergon set I bought already had a smaller one for the throttle side. I ended up getting them from Universal Cycles.

******** Items Ordered ********[/size]Item #:          74013-176996Description:     Ergon GP1 Nexus/Rohloff Grips - LargeQuantity:        1  @ $39.95********* Order Total *********


With my RW4 ORANGE, of course, I got the Orange grips from RPB.  To get the stock black ones off, I couldn't get H2O or ETOH under them.  So I just had to use a razor blade & just cut them off.  The orange ones are stock, one shorter than the other.  ETOH helped lube the new ones to slip on. They are comfy, I got the "RPB mittens" for cold weather driving.  They are nice!
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Do these ergo grips take some additional vibration/ shocks out of the handlebars by chance?

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Quote from: ericwn on March 19, 2022, 06:05:21 AM
Do these ergo grips take some additional vibration/ shocks out of the handlebars by chance?

I would say yes. More of your palm is supported and therefor the frequency of vibrations is dampened.

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