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Flashing front and rear lights

Started by moemulroy, January 08, 2022, 05:40:36 AM

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Has anyone figured how to pulse the front and read lights
in order to alert traffic of your presents on busy roadway.

Radding Along

None of Rad's bikes have a pulsing front headlight.

In regards to a pulsing taillight, some of Rad's bikes have it. To see if you have that feature, check the taillight for a button, I believe on the back of the housing. Press the button and it pulses. When you shut the bike off, the taillight shuts off and then resets to constant on the next time you ride the bike. So each ride you have to push the button if you want a pulse.

If you really like that feature, consider buying an aftermarket taillight that can attach to the back of the seatpost. Some of them are so bright, a motorist thinks they are coming up on an emergency vehicle.


My MiniST has an optionally-flashing rear light included from the factory, but here are two great alternatives that I've also added to my bike - the front light on an accessory-bar attached to the main handlebar and the rear one strapped to the underside of my Cloud-9 seat.  Both of these need to be recharged occasionally, but both have very long operating times if you select flashing or slow-strobing mode.  In addition, the rear one is motion sensitive to turn on/off automatically so I need never touch it until I pull it off for a recharge.

I typically hook these up for recharging when I charge the main bike battery, sometime every-other time.  Both are highly recommended, very bright/visible, very functional and well worth their prices.  If you mount them properly, you WILL be noticed on the road.  Both mount securely but are easily popped-off for theft prevention or in the case of the front light, for use as a handheld flashlight.


Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.

Radding Along

For red taillights, I am running the single LED CYGOLITE 200 and the two LED CYGOLITE 350. The 200 is insanely bright. And the 350 with two LED's is beyond insane. I assure you, cars can see me.

Some say blinding a driver is bad. I will accept it!


One of my wishlist items for stock equipment is the ability to have a flashing front light and rear light as a default.

I also use a cygo 350 rear light and it is seriously impressive and I swear by it. Expensive yes but damn it works well especially in daylight mode. Same goes for my cygo front light. In the daytime the daylight mode is impressive.

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