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Removing handlebar grips

Started by blimpman, January 05, 2022, 01:44:04 PM

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I'm changing the handlebar on my RadMini4.  I need help on how to remove the grips so I can reuse them on the new handlebars.  I can just barely move them but can't get them off.


It is held on by friction and glue for my rad mini step thru.  I rotate them and pull with both hands and put one foot right on the stem holding the handlebar and push with the foot.  Use socks on your feet, don't wear shoes, so you don't mark up the bike.  It is probably harder in the winter when the bike is cold - it is very hard work. Eventually, it works. Try to compress the grip by pulling at the end that is deeper in.  Pulling from the further out end elongates and narrows the plastic - narrowing the plastic makes the grip stick even more.  For putting it back in, I used water as a lubricant. 

On my bike, there is a plug held by friction. You can pry it off first with a screwdriver.  But you have to check yourself - maybe you have a different arrangement.

I don't know if this works.  If you have an electric heating pad you can try to warm up the grip before pulling.

I want to replace the grips with something with the same profile but with a locking ring to make future replacements easier.  Does anyone have a recommendation?

Radding Along

Pretty easy to do actually. Take a flat head screwdriver and pry the inside of the grip away from the bar and spray/pour rubbing alcohol into the crevice. Twist the grip to move the alcohol around. Continue to do that until the grip slips off easily. Should take less than two minutes.


Air compressor may work or maybe a hair dryer.
I'm currently looking for new grips because I want to replace the twist throttle top of the thumb throttle. But that's for another post.

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Just a quick tip when you reinstall them, to keep them from loosening up when riding, spray the handlebar with heavy-duty hairspray, which is just enough of a "glue" to hold them but still make them removable again.  Give them a day or two for the spray to fully evaporate and set - they won't be solid at first, but that's good for final adjustment to the best position.  I swapped out the stock grips on my MiniST for some good ones months ago and this worked great for me; they're still solid as a rock.

I wouldn't use a screwdriver to loosen them up; you'll scratch up the finish on the bar.  I used a combination of an oil-filter strap wrench to loosen them up with some non-scratching torque, then an air compressor and pulling hard to remove them.  If you can "inflate" them a bit with a compressor, that will help a lot, but it's not easy and you'll have to be patient and keep tugging.
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