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RadRover 6: headlight and taillight blinking

Started by vinniem, January 04, 2022, 04:58:29 PM

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Whatsup yall, hope everyone is safe and sound.

I noticed today that my recently-bought RadRover 6 plus kept blinking both the tail and the headlights, like, flashing on and off. It kept that way after turning on/off the bike, the light button... there was nothing in the menu mode, not even in the "professional version" of it, that would explain it, like a special setting or something. After a couple of minutes after I left it blinking, it stabilized on, for my whole trip ~20min, that came back light this.

Battery was ~85% full, temp outside was a good 17ºF (around -8ºC), Idk if it has something to do w/ it...

Anyone else had this problem before and know what's that about?

Thank you!!

Radding Along

See if you can isolate the problem. Start by unplugging your taillight and see if that fixes the headlight. If not, try the opposite to see if the taillight stops blinking.

I'm assuming you already checked all your connections. If isolating the two lights doesn't work, unplug all the connections to your controller and then firmly plug them in again.

Then inspect the wiring harness around the handlebars to see if it shows any damage to the wires. Sometimes people put their bikes together with the handlebar rotated one turn, which puts stress on the wiring harness. If your wires around the handlebars are real tight, that may have caused stress on the wiring.

Still not fixed? Check all the wiring connections around the handlebars.

Lastly, I would unplug the power wires to each brake lever. Then check the lights for blinking. If none of that works, it could be a wiring harness issue, or the controller.

Good luck and report back!


Will try that and report if it works!! Thank you so much for helping out, really appreciate it!


Quote from: vinniem on January 06, 2022, 01:32:42 PM
Will try that and report if it works!! Thank you so much for helping out, really appreciate it!

Any luck with a fix? I'm experiencing the same thing.


Regarding blinking lights same here only done 200 miles , reported it to waiting for a new controller. Since then bike with further problems loss of power to wheel 😡

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