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Mixed messages about the new RadCity 5+

Started by JillGat, January 04, 2022, 03:21:11 PM

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I just got my RadCity 5+  and I absolutely love it!  It's beautiful and works wonderfully. 

I did get confused about a couple of things, though.  Apparently the RadPower owner's manual, the website and even their videos have not been updated yet to reflect how the RadCity5+ is different from earlier versions. 

BATTERY BALANCING: I first really learned - in an online public forum - about the importance of balancing the battery when the ebike is new, and after certain periods of time later. I was surprised that I didn't remember seeing anything about it in the section on "battery information" in my owners' manual.

I looked further and under number 9. "Enjoy Your Ride!" in a list of 10 in a separate leaflet I got called "Congratulations," it said "Read up on battery balancing - those important first three charges - in the owner's manual."

I didn't see anything about this in the owners' manual. In fact, in the manual I read, "we recommend you disconnect the battery from the power source and charger as soon as possible once charging is complete.... This will also prevent range decline from unnecessary charging."

I ended up writing to Customer Support and was told that the new "semi-integrated" battery does NOT require balancing.
There are so many different recommendations online - some conflicting - about how and when and how long to charge your battery, that it can be confusing. I think it's important that you put all the information about battery care - including balancing - in one place in the owners' manual.

KEY:  The information I had said that there was a key to turn the bike on and off.  There isn't.  The key is just used to detach the battery.  That's kind of a big difference.

I'm sure RadPower will catch up and update their manual and online videos to reflect these things.


I had the same reply recently when I asked about balancing the Semi-integrated battery. I also have a mini with the Standard battery that does require balancing.

Here is the reply I got from Rad about this:

The new batteries on the Rover 6+ and the City 5+ do not need to go through a special balancing procedure. The balancing of the cells is actively done during the charging process whenever the battery is charged. The green light will not come on, on the charger unless the battery is balanced and charged.

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