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Rad city bike hanging on a bike rack

Started by jconlinjr, January 04, 2022, 07:18:58 AM

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I currently own and chevy equinox and had a tow hitch receiver installed, its a draw tight brand.  i have a Lectric foldable ebike the I put in the back of my suv.  If I buy a rad city 5 bike can I hang it on the bike rack?  It hangs on the center tube of the frame.  I also own a fugi road bike and it hangs fine in the bike rack,  Its just a standard road bike.




Check with your bike rack's manufacturer to whether it can support the weight of a RadCity (~65lbs)


I seriously doubt it. Lots of risk hanging a ebike on a non EBike rack. If a weld breaks on the rack you likely will lose or damage the bike and vehicle. Although expensive, the best rack by far in my opinion is the Hollywood Sport Rider HR1500 which will hold rbikes up to 80 lbs each. I have a buddy who has the KAC knockoff version of the Hollywood rack but it is nowhere near as sturdy and does sway some during turns and bumps. Sure they cost about $500 but your bike is secure.


Newbie here, I just bought the Northern Tool (you'll find it) rack. 200lbs, Fat Tire support (2) a little more clunky than Hollywood but it folds up, and stores nice. $179, look for $20 code.

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