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Helmet Recommendation

Started by Eaglesham, December 30, 2021, 08:43:21 AM

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Been checking out helmets
Does anyone have a recommendation


My bike just arrived and I'm looking for a helmet, too.  I just know it's important that it have MIPS rating.  I want a helmet that sits lower on my head than a regular bicycle helmet, for more protection.  Waiting for advice about brands to try.


I recently replaced my helmet with a thousand chapter helmet. Here's a link where I bought it on Amazon. I really like the flashing light in the back that activates via magnet when you place the light on the helmet. The helmet is also MIPS which is one of the reasons I bought it. However the price has really increased from what I paid for my helmet.
Thousand Adult Bike Helmet - Chapter Collection - Mens & Womens Bike Helmet - Safety Certified for Bicycle Road Bike & Mountain Bike Cycling Helmet

I would take a look at the manufacturer's website and then you can also use a discount code that Ryan owner of this forum has. If I find the code from Ryan I will edit this post and place it there.

Here's the link on Ryan's site and he reviews this helmet. It doesn't look like the discount is working anymore and the current price is the same on the manufacturer's website as it is on Amazon. Damn inflation.