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Brake light Rad6 problem

Started by Gizmo, December 15, 2021, 05:13:09 PM

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So I was cleaning my chain and decided to rinse off my rotors and calipers, well now the brake light quit working and stays on bright mode all the time whether I press the brake levers or not..annoying!
Anyone ride there Rad in the rain? :P

Radding Along

Unplug the brake light for a while to let it dry. Maybe even take the light indoors and put it in a sunny window sill. Yes I ride in the rain, but never hose the bike off. It isn't worth the risk.


Is your display showing any error messages? Occasionally I do have trouble with my rear light and when it stays on I believe it's error 25 I have to turn the battery off with the keys. I do have an extension since I have a rack on my mini 4.
I do ride in the rain but this problem started happening before first rain ride.
If you do think you got water in the brake light I would take the light off put it in a container with rice placed on top of the fridge near the back for a couple of days. That is of course if you live in a cold climate otherwise just set it out on the counter in rice.

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