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It's a Long Way to Tipperary

Started by Fionn, December 10, 2021, 06:56:32 PM

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Hi from County Tipp, Ireland,
Just got delivery of my bike yesterday after a of wait 9 weeks!!  I wasn't expecting it to be so big and heavy, the delivery guy and myself manhandled it out of his van.
already broke off a piece, small piece but yeah hope it's not going to be a trend!

After half an hour putting it together, I managed to break the front wheel thumbnut, well the rubber part, separated from the skewer, I managed to get the front wheel on anyway, anyone know what size the skewer is, I might get a locking one instead of the stock skewer   

Took it out for a spin, really good on the hills I must say. One other question! I couldn't find much info on tire pressures, I pumped the tires to 24 PSI it was very bumpy on uneven ground does anyone know where I'd get info on this, the manual says it's printed on the tires but I couldn't see it.
Oh yeah before I set off for the first outing I was confronted with this Error   30  I thought I'd have to check every connector on the bike lucky enough it was one of the ones I hadn't done right phew!
Anyway thats it for now, I'll be probably back asking more questions as time goes on!


Nice bike! I am myself considering the same exact model, but I have some doubts if the motor would be strong enough for climbing steep hills (12%)? The gears don't seem to be appropriate for hill climbing, so the cyclist's effort could be not effective.

Any thoughts based on your experience? You mention hill climbing, but what hills are you talking about? 5%, 10%, more? Also is it possible to climb hills on slow speeds (say walking speed) or on higher speeds only, as hub motors are not effective on very slow speeds?


Hon Tipp!

Nice to see more Irish bikes on here, 20 - 25 PSI is all the tyres need really. Did you get the skewer sorted?


Hey All,
Been a while since I've been on, weather wasn't great the last while so riding around wasn't too frequent, anyway things are getting better now and I've been out more often.
Theres a hill near me is around 1K and a rise of about 90m so average slope of 11% and I've no bother cycling up that, thats at a mid gear and PSA 5, I've seen guys on non Ebikes out of the saddle and putting in a good bit of work to get up it. Some of the other hills would be much more steep but I'm sure I'll try some of them during the Summer. I haven't really done any hills at a walking pace, just whatever I'm comfortable at I guess slowest would be around 10/12K an hour.

Yeah i've around 25 PSI and seems to be grand, I didn't do anything with the skewer - wheel didn't fall off yet   ;)


Radio Runner

Tyre pressure recommendations can be hard to find sometimes. The letters are usually black on black and barely raised on the surface. I use a bright flashlight to really illuminate the surface and find it that way.


Had a puncture the other day so I can confirm after examing the tire and repairing the puncture the tire preassure recommended is 30 psi, I did have them around 25 but at the moment theyre at 20.


30 Oct 2022 Just over 2900 K on the bike now, so here's my first bridge pic... not sure am I supposed to be on the bridge or beside it!

View looking to the west from the bridge
The river in flood after a few days of rain


Quote from: Fionn on October 31, 2022, 04:14:22 PM30 Oct 2022 Just over 2900 K on the bike now, so here's my first bridge pic... not sure am I supposed to be on the bridge or beside it!

Beautiful location, beautiful pics Fionn!
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.


yeah the scenery is nice around here ok, the path was originally used as a tow path for barges, these days it was converted as an aminity for walkers bikers etc.

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