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Toronto pop up tent by radbke

Started by SIVA, December 09, 2021, 07:26:01 PM

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Did anyone was lucky enough to be there ?....just curious


Never heard of it until now, but I am curious. Is it a travel tent made for bike packing?


it was a promotional email i got from Radbikes. I think they had some bikes for sale and other things. Unfortunately i couldn't make it as i was working. It also said its at garage sale prices. Hope it was something they wanted to clear their stock. I am still waiting for my Radcty 5 plus from june order....:(.  they keep postponing. Just crazy!

Radding Along

The popups mainly sell their garage sale bikes which are bikes returned by customers after the 14 day trial period. Most of the bikes are like new, with possibly a few scratches. The bike has the same one year warranty as a new bike. And it has a discounted price.