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Changing gears radcity 5 plus

Started by VONNYG, December 06, 2021, 05:43:54 PM

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My wife does not want to switch gears unless absolutely necessary.  What gear should she be in for flat/level city streets and which pedal assist would go best with that gear?... please... thanks. .. Just got our bikes today.  Same question for me and my Radrover 6 plus.


It kind of depends on strength level and whether she likes a high cadence or slow pedaling.  I find on my RR6+ I can keep it in 4th gear and PA3 for the widest range of situations, dropping to PA2 if there is no pedal resistance, or up to 5th to run up against the 20mph limit.  She might need to add a little throttle from very slow speed to get moving.  That still gives decent range

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