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SLOW shipping, me only or everyone?

Started by NorthParkRad, November 29, 2021, 11:23:44 AM

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I ordered two Rad accessories on Nov 17, that's 12 days ago! Both were marked "ships in 3 days."

They STILL have not even been shipped from the warehouse.  I called after the first week and was told there was a "glitch."
But still nothing.

Is this happening to everyone at this time?


I received a 6 plus in Seattle in 3 days!


It took two weeks to get the LCD displays I ordered. It went from DHL to USPS which seem to take longer than regular USPS.


My Rad runner Plus via FedEx was to be 3 days and then kind of went missing but arrived on the 5th day.

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Canadian Senior

I ordered a City 5 plus in October, still waiting. Is this normal. It was to be my wife's Christmas present but now it is January and still no bike.

Radding Along

Have you contacted Rad's customer service? Maybe they could find you a bike at one of their service centers in Canada.


Ordered around Aug 31, 2021. The last day of the "sale."  After the sale ended, the sale price continued (meaning the price did not go up). Finally got a bike Nov 8.  Shipping date pushed back twice.  2 weeks, 3 weeks until it got really cold in my neighborhood.  So around 9-10 weeks?  I love my Rad Bike but you have to understand you are buying mail order and you are on your own in terms of setting up and getting things fixed.  Getting replacement parts under warranty takes forever.  It does not bother me because I have a lot of tools but I can see how a person new to biking can be frustrated even after the sale.


I ordered my Radrover 6+ on September 29th, 2021 and have still not received it on January 11, 2022. They keep asking me to be patient. Something seems very wrong.


My bike finally shipped last night. I'm supposed to receive it next week.


My advice is to be very slow and careful putting the bike together.  Don't throw anything out.  The bolt and screw that held the fender came off during shipping and was in the bottom of the pile.  Treat everything like a delicate jewel.  That is because if you break a part, you may be looking at a long wait for the part to arrive.  :)  Congratulations.  I am enjoying the bike.

Just my personal opinion - use your own judgment and consult others.  Don't worry about brake noise if the wheel is spinning freely.  Wait until 50 miles, using both the front and back brakes.  You would need to adjust the brake again and it seems to me it is much easier then. By then the brakes have settled in.


Shipping seems to be a hit and miss. Some items ship fast some seem to sit before shipping even though it's in stock.

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