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Riding on the beach

Started by wyofish, November 27, 2021, 07:53:03 AM

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I have a new, May 2021, Rad Rover 5 and the wife and I are headed to Mustang Island, a barrier island just off Corpus Cristi, TX.  Does anyone have any experience using
their Rad bide in the salt environment of an ocean beach town?  Our last non electric bikes suffered greatly from this environment and wondering if the Rad bikes have better
material in their mfg. that will stand up better to salt air?


It's not a good idea with salt air environment. I live near the beach and won't ride it on the beach.


Seeing that there are a number of places that rent them for beach riding, it can't be too bad.
They do seem to rinse them and PM them on a regular basis though

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