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Pet carriers

Started by kbarber, November 11, 2021, 05:14:55 PM

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Does anyone use a pet cart behind their Rad Rover 6 plus?  If so what kind?  Rad does not sell any or guarantee any but other E bike companies sell them.  I talked to Rad support and they told me to ask here.

Thank you,
I am purchasing a Rad Rover 6 plus step through


Hi KBarber,

Just got a rad bike and I was wondering if you found a pet carrier that worked for you.

thank you


i was looking into the same. Our dog is around 20 pounds and most carriers i could find does not allow anything that heavy, so i will experiment with a milk crate bolted to the rear carrier, after all its just a box for the pooch to sit in... maybe add some soft foam to make it more comfortable
we did try a small trailer (the kind for small kids) behind our normal bicycle but she did not like it and wanted to jump out constantly..


My corgie pup fits in this one from Rad.

She's gotten used to it, she's not gonna get much bigger than she is now, so she should fit in the future.


I use this one for my cat on my Rover 5. I also use it on long, multi-day trips to carry all my stuff.

You need a different nut than the stock one to mount the hitch to the rear axel. This is the one that I got that I think works best.

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