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Radrunner Plus controller and motor for sale

Started by lizard32, November 11, 2021, 10:22:03 AM

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I upgraded the controller and motor on 2 Radrunner Plus bikes when I bought them.   So I have 2 original controllers with LCD's and 2 original motors available for sale.   Since I upgraded when they were new, the parts are virtually brand new other then a couple test rides to make sure it all worked when i put them together before the upgrade.  I hate to see parts go to waste.   So any decent offer, its yours.


Sorry to derail the thread but just curious.  What controller / motor did you upgrade to? Did you lace in or did you find a drop in compatible?


I replaced the controllers with Bolton Bikes 35A controllers with color LCD8H displays.  I replace the stock motors with Bafang true 750W motors.   I have a lot of hills to climb.   So having the stronger motor, controller and extra battery extends my distance while still able to get home up the 1500 ft climb.


I got busy and never sold the motors, controllers, and LCD screens.  If anyone needs them, i am happy to sell them at a good price.  I would rather see them used then rotting in my garage.


Hey there,
The controller of my Radrunner (purchased 2020) died a few days ago. Rad Power bikes do not have it in stock and do not know when it will be available so I can't ride it anymore. I'm looking for a controller that would be compatible with it. I believe that I could use yours if I also install the LCD display is that correct?
If so, I'd be interested in purchasing a controller and a LCD screen.

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