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Sizing for 6'3 tall

Started by RadDerrick, November 01, 2021, 03:20:55 PM

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First post on this awesome forum... Currently have a Rad Runner for my kiddo, amazing bike.  I am interested in the Rad City 5 Plus was curious if anyone had any feedback or suggestion on the size fitting someone on the taller side... 6'3. Also interested of others experience on other rad bikes for tall folks. I'm hoping to get to a showroom or somewhere to test drive but looking for any advice. I have also seen the sizing chart on the rad website. Will cross-post in the Rad City forum.



A guy called CitizenCycle runs a pretty good YouTube e-bike review page, is 6'2" or 6'3" as I recall, and has covered two or three dozen bikes, including Rad.  His wife has a RadMiniST, which he says even fits him well and he has a heavily-modded 2-wheel-drive Rover.  I'm sure several Rad models would fit you, but also check the sizing chart they have on their webpage for some guidance to get started.
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