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Wating and

Started by SIVA, October 31, 2021, 05:52:07 PM

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Hello all

I am in Canada and have ordered a Radcity Plus 5 late july. The original shipping date was Oct 8th.  No sign of the bike  and when i contacted them they sad it will be Mid November.  Is it common with Rad power bikes?   


fellow canadian here.. similar story.. bought a rr6+ in sept, was told oct 31.. of course when i reached out to them last week i was told this:

" Absolutely, I'd be happy to help and look into the status of your order for you. It looks as though the estimated shipping timeline for your order has shifted to early November. I realize this can be disappointing news, as you were expecting your bike to ship by the end of October.

Unfortunately, there have been slower fulfillment times than we had first anticipated but it is possible that your order may ship sooner. If it's ready earlier than expected, we'll be sure to send it out the door right away! As soon as your order ships from our facility, we'll send your tracking information via email with the anticipated delivery date. "

**** but when i questioned that a bit further i got this answer.....

" Unfortunately we just do not have the ability to guarantee the delivery date for your ebike at this time. The estimates we provide are based on the best information we have available to us at that time. Many bicycle companies are experiencing similar backlogs and delays, but we're all in this together and we are working hard to get you riding as soon as possible! Additionally the impacts of COVID-19 on the shipping industry as a whole, as well as the issues within the global supply chain have caused less exact timelines, due in part to understaffing and safety regulations.

Our team is going everything they can to get your order shipped out as soon as possible. Once we ship out your ebike from our warehouse, you will receive an email notification that will contain all of the tracking information. "

**** I'm not sure at this point if i am going to get a bike. will wait another month and then ponder a different move.


I have thought of the same thing. In fact i have contacted 2 other bike suppliers. Just worried i might fall back into the same trap with them too. If the bike is not delivered by November end i will cancel the order and look into getting one in early spring next year. No point in getting the bike in middle of the winter and keeping in stored during Ontario winter. It will be frustrating to have the bike and not use it. Also the warranty time s lost too without any use. I really am upset why Rad bikes cant say the delivery time precisely. They take the money in time


I did decided after a long thinking to cancel the Radcity 5 plus order as they kept postponing the shipping date. Last update they gave me was shipping "BY"mid December. Now they say  cant cancel it because the bike is been shipped to the warehouse. I asked them again for a definite deliver time and they say they still cant tell for sure. Its is really frustrating. Very disappointed with Radbike. I was told their customer service is excellent. That was my reason to go with them. May be i have made a mistake there. just want to post this so other buyers will be aware of this.

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