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RadCity 5 on light trails

Started by Kono144, October 31, 2021, 06:42:44 AM

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Greetings to all!
My wife and I are brand new to the ebike world. We are looking to purchase our first ebikes. At first we were set on getting the RadRover 6. The fat tires are all the rave and look really cool. However, the more I read about fat tire ebikes, it seems like RadRover is somewhat overkill for our intended use. We mainly plan to use the ebikes for leisure riding on pavement. However we will occasionally ride the ebikes on boardwalks, dirt roads and dirt paths. We don't plan to ride bikes on back county type trails, snow, or sand. I think RadRover looks like an awesome bike and would work just fine but seems to be overkill for primarily pavement riding. Now we are leaning towards the RadCity 5.

I read one reader post here that RadCity 4 will have not have issues with occasional off road riding.  Compared to RadCity 4, RadCity 5 has slightly larger and thinner wheels.

I am hoping to get some thoughts on how RadCity 5 will do on occasional off road riding.  Does the difference in wheel size between RadCity versions make all that much of a difference?


I have owned my Radcity for 3 years and have 6300 Kim's on it. I ride on pavement plus packed dirt and red shale trails with no problem. No snow, mud or sand. I think a lot of the fat tire riders in my city buy them for looks and not mud and snow. Nothing wrong with that but the Radcity is great for any surface other than mud, snow and sand.

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