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Hello from Snohomish, WA

Started by grilled_cheese, October 30, 2021, 02:49:22 PM

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Hi, just wanted to introduce myself and my 2020 radrover stepthru 1.
purchased used from offerup for $400
cranks were stripped out beyond repair and the tire was flat
new cranks and pedals, and some simple air in the tire, and the bike was alive again.
i rode it for about a week and immediately felt the urge to upgrade.
new rear rack bag, and front basket were added, along with a new rechargeable led headlight
after about another week and roughly 100 miles, i splurged for the electro bike world 35a controller.
this is where she sits now.

new grips, and thumb throttle is in the mail, should be here and installed tomorrow.
also, the speed controller is mounted terribly, with longer screws on top and zip ties on bottom. been scratching my head to figure a better solution, any tips?
VERY curious about the 750w bafang hub motor upgrade from electro bike world, that will probably be my next major upgrade.
ive also been looking at new tires, fat tires are expensive!!
i found a set of "spider" tread wanda king tires on ebay for $13 each, anyone have experience with these? i might just buy them because of the extreme bargain.
anyways, im in snohomish, washington, about 40 minutes north of seattle. if anyone here is nearby and would like to meetup and go for a ride, im very curious to meet other rad owners and hear their perspective on ownership.
i will most likely be using this thread for a build/picture dump and post general questions or experiences. lots of useful info here, excited to learn and ride more!


got some new grips, and a thumb throttle!
MAJOR upgrade, absolutely would recommend.
almost feels like it shouldve come this way from rad.
plug and play, $27
also got the pdw front mudguard
bike did not come with front fender, sad. $90 to replace the set. dang
the pdw was $15 and we shall see how it performs on my new commuter beast.
new tires are definitely on my radar. im interested in less resistance and less noise, knobs need not apply.
26x3.0 cruiser tires, 26x2.5 maxxis hookworm, 26x4.0 vee zigzag, 26x4.0 wanda spider because i found them for $12ea, origin8 supercell...
i want the alta 26x4.0 slick but i cannot find it anywhere.

anyways, hope everyone is well, let me know if youve done the new motor upgrade, and if its worth it! im on the fence.


You might want to take a look at some of Altema's postings about that controller upgrade and how he's mounted it on his Mini.  But he also tested it with the stock Rad motor, even trying to run it hard enough to burn it out, and he was not able to harm the motor even at a constant 1,600 watts or so sustained.

His conclusion is that the stock motor will handle everything your new controller can throw at it in real-world usage, without problems.  So I'm planning to just keep my stock MiniST motor in place when my Bolton upgrade ships, supposedly in January.

Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.


well i got a new motor, 52v battery is on the way. my brother paid me $500 for the old rad powertrain; controller and screen, motor, and battery so he can build a fat tire ebike!