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Radrunner1 Upgrades

Started by Jttoddy, October 27, 2021, 06:11:44 AM

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Hello, first time posting. I have a Radrunner1 and had the following questions;
1.    Will the Bolton 35a controller work with the 1000w Bafang rear hub motor(G062.1000D 06)?
2.    What would be the recommended/best settings to ensure no overheating of any of the
3.    What is the max wattage or volts (not sure how it works) that I should allow it to run at and
for how long?
4.    Can I upgrade any other components, wires, connectors, etc. for less resistance?
Also, I would like to install a new larger 4" to 6" led headlight and blinkers, and had the
following questions;
1.     What would be needed for install? I assume I need a finger switch for blinkers, and possibly
some sort of relay or module.
2.    Will a new headlight work with the Bolton display headlight controls?
I also have and plan to install a dual crown front shock, Tektro Dorado 4 piston brakes, GT
performer handle bars & grips, and Innova 4 1/4" Shield tires.
Will post pics when finished, hopefully this week, controller is delivered tomorrow!
Thanks Again!


So many nice questions! Maybe someone has answers.

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