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LED Turn Signal Lights Hollywood Sport Rider SE

Started by Packrat1, October 26, 2021, 05:03:11 PM

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Just got my new Hollywood Sport Rider SE rack which just came back in stock. My Radcity 5 Plus cover a lot of the rear taillights on my Sequoia as well as my friend's Toyota Tacoma. Found these on sale I think they will work well.
From Amazon on sale $25 CURT-53201 Auxiliary LED lighting


I like the looks of those too. But what do you do about your license plate?


I used the same CURT-53201 Auxiliary LED lighting for turn signals for my bike rack.

I spliced in this license plate holder to the turn signals.


Do you have a pic as to how you installed them and where? Thanks


I have a different rack, Saris MTR.

After ensuring there was not an issue with internal clearance, i used a pair of license plate holder screws and captive nuts. Just drill a hole and press in the captive nut.

I have attached some pics.

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