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Are Canadians Getting their Rad Rover 6 plus bikes ???????

Started by Rickyboy, October 16, 2021, 10:20:12 AM

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Hi folks,... I'm located on the west coast of Canada in British Columbia and ordered my two { 2 } Rad Rover 6 bikes a few months ago with the expected shipping date of  " BY Oct 18th" . The key word there being "BY".   I've seen that there is a major backlog of container ships off the shore of L.A. in the USA..  With that in mind I've contacted Rad Power Bikes enquiring if there is any expectation of a later shipping date of Oct. 18th due to the backlog. Each time,... {twice}.. I've received an email back saying they didn't expect any change in the date. As recently as Oct 14th I have enquired again but to date I haven't had a response. Each other time they have responded within a day to my question{s}. .... So I'm very curious if any of the Canadian members of this forum have had notice that their E bikes are being shipped any time soon ? Or any news that there is going to be a delay in shipping for any reason ??   I have a feeling that I will get a response back saying that there is a delay or back order in place and not to expect my order any time soon, and blame the container ship backlog as the reason.   This bothers me for a few reasons,... one,.. I probably wont get to use my bikes much this year/season,  two... my down time of not being able to ride and try out the new bikes will eat into my warranty period,... and three... that I have paid in full with an online order with no product in sight. 
To those in the USA that have received their bikes ...I'm happy for you. I've read that the new RR 6 is available via retail in some states. 
But this is directed to Canadian online order customers. Thanks
Thanks for reading and I look fwd to some positive reply's.


I'm in West Vancouver. Ordered my Radrunner Plus on Sept 15 where they indicated a delivery date of Nov 15. Just received it on Thanksgiving Monday (Oct 11). I think it was expedited because I paid for Rad assembly and delivery. Hope you get yours soon.


edmonton alberta here... ordered my rr6+ sept 27 with a delivery date of oct 31... I have yet to hear anything about it but have been assured the date is solid.

i also ordered the front rack on oct 6th for the bike and received it on oct 14th... 8 days for that in-stock item... never got a shipping notice, it just showed up.

hopefully that helps


Thanks for your updates my fellow Canadians  ... I expect that the delivery of the Rad Runner was mainly because it's not a "new" model like the Rad Rover 6 plus is. It might have had something to do with the Rad assembly /delivery though.   But to hear that the msg is the same about solid delivery dates. I received an email today { Saturday } with assurance that Rad Power Bikes was expecting to be on time for delivery/shipping. BUT !!!  this could change.   :-\    anyway, all good news... Im keeping my fingers crossed.  Rad did say that shipping to Vancouver { where I expect it will be shipped up to me in the "south Cariboo" region.


 I'm guessing there aren't a lot of Canadians on this forum ...? and the reason there hasn't been much response to my post.  But I've been in touch with Rad and wrote again today, wondering if shipment is going to take place relatively soon. I also asked if there was a chance that I could pick up my order while I was in Vancouver. My original shipping date of "BY" Oct. has now come and gone, and wondering how much the backlog of container ships in the US is whats holding up delivery, and Rad isn't willing to be up front with the true answer. I'm also concerned that as the bikes will undoubtedly sit during my snowy, winter months where I live, if I'll end up having maybe half the warranty time on my 2 bikes.  That is probably my biggest concern at this point. I can't recall but figure that the warranty period is probably only one year. Maybe someone can clarify that.


i have bad news to report...they have delayed shipment of my rr6+.. now they are saying november...


Rickyboy: regarding your warranty concerns, this from Rad's own website: « All Rad Power Bikes ("RPB") ebikes (the "ebikes"), and their individual Covered Components (as defined herein), are protected against all manufacturing defects in material or workmanship for one (1) year after receipt of the ebike by the customer (the "Warranty Period"). This Limited Warranty is only applicable to Canadian ebike purchases « 

Hope you get to enjoy your new bike soon!

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