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RadMission Suspension Saddle Post, Kickstand

Started by JeanPierreLouis, October 16, 2021, 07:45:02 AM

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I am looking for a suspension saddle post and kickstand that fits my Steel Blue High-Step

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Hi. First time posting. Not sure if I'm doing this right. Anyway, I bought the Radmission Steel Blue High-step. I'm trying to modify the seat post with a suspension post that fits appropriately. Apparently the existing post has a diameter of 27.2 mm , and a length of 390 mm, but I'm having trouble finding the right one on Amazon. And of course, the Rad shop is currently out of stock. I was wondering if anybody else has successfully replaced this, and what they might be able to recommend? I initially bought the Enhanced Comfort Saddle, but quickly realized this was a seat more for cruisers than peddlers. I'm definitely a peddler. So, I bought a really nice anatomically correct seat (Serfas RX Men's Bicycle Saddle), but still looking for suspension there as I have pelvic/back pain issues already. I am also looking for an appropriate kickstand which is also out of stock on Rad. Any Thoughts? Thanks!


I've been extremely happy with my Redshift suspension post on the MiniST, which also uses a 27.2mm seatpost.  Very high quality, well designed and quite adjustable (although you do have to pull the post out to make adjustments, once it's dialed in that is no big deal).

I got a decent first-time discount by signing up for their email list and using the coupon code.  These are not inexpensive products, but I have zero regrets - in combination with my Cloud 9 seat (after trying 4 others, like trying different shoes), it's a comfortable and long-distance solution.
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 :D Awesome! Thanks for the info. I was worried about the 390mm length being a concern, but I realize now the only thing that has to be exact is the width/diameter of 27.2, and there is wiggle room for your own desired length. Which I guess should have been fairly obvious. I will check out the Redshift products. Thank you!


I have also done this and replaced the saddle - the seat is also part of the comfort issue.

I used a simple in line post, similar to this one that I had in my toy pile

The kickstand, also out of stock at RAD, this one works perfectly, includes the correct screws.

Seat is up to you, can give you some suggestions on that also, but that is more of a personal taste. 

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