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RadCity5's Shipping

Started by FridayIsTheBestDay, October 07, 2021, 01:35:18 PM

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New ones look like they ship by 10/31, but some orders are shipping now!

Gary Muto

I was at the store in Imperial Beach (San Diego).  They had bikes there but said they were not on sale until the 13th.  Maybe I was dyslexic and she said the 31st.  Anyway, they had them for test rides and I rode a 4 and a 5.  I would definitely pay a little more for the 5.
I went with my daughter who wants a Rad Runner. I was hoping to talk her into the Rad City since it seems more conducive to pedaling, at least to me.  By the time we left I think we may wind up with both!  I've been looking for a year and I think it's time to take the plunge.


Originally they were shipping out the 8th.  I assume as they've gotten more orders the date got pushed back.

At this point I've ridden the RadRunner Plus, Rad City ST 3, and Rad City ST5.

Of these, my pick (the one I just got), is the RadCity ST5.   The RadRunner just felt too much like a little moped to me.   I loved how quiet the RadCity 3 was, but it did lack a little something on acceleration and going up hills.  The 5 is much better on  acceleration and hills, but certainly a bit louder (not as loud as the Runner).

For me, the RadCity 5 felt, and looked, like a bike.  It arrived yesterday, and I'm happy with my choice. 

So far, the only real annoying thing for me is that it feels like Rad has gone out of their way to make everything non-standard.   I think the tires are a standard size, but customer support won't outright say that.  The rack on the back has larger tubes than I've seen before, which means none of my panniers fit.

I do like that the rack on the back has mounting holes.  I"ll likely be building my own rack for the back, but it's super nice that there is a good way to attach things.


I ordered a Rad City 5 on Oct 8 with an estimated shipping date of Oct 15. The bike shipped from Tacoma on Oct 11 and it arrived this morning, Oct 14, from UPS. I live in Arizona.