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Semi-integrated battery improved

Started by DickB, October 06, 2021, 08:21:55 AM

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It appears that Rad has improved battery and possibly charger design with the new semi-integrated battery as used in the Rover 6.

The previous batteries use passive balancing, which requires the charger to be left on after the Charge light turns green, to supply the trickle current necessary for the BMS to balance cells if required. The Rover 6 manual gives no instructions to balance, and the Rad Q&A states that no special balancing procedure is needed. This suggests that the semi-integrated batteries may use active balancing. I wonder.


i was curious too.. so i reached out to a contact at rad... turns out they do indeed have active balancing .. good news for everyone lucky enough to have the new bikes (me included - rr6+ scheduled for oct 31 delivery)

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