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RAD assembly and delivery vs VeloFix

Started by RayStDenis, October 04, 2021, 10:57:27 PM

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I ordered my Rad Runner Plus and selected RAD installation and delivery (I live in West Vancouver). They also had an option for VeloFix assembly and delivery.
Does anyone know what the difference is? Is it worth going with the extra $49 for VeloFix?



I am in Ontario and it was either I receive and assemble and adjust the bike myself, or have VeloFix do the job for a (higher than $49) fee. They took care of everything, delivered the bike, instructed me on the bike characteristics and operation, made my test-ride it and made additional adjustments for a better fit and operation, and installed accessories too. A1 service overall.

In your particular case, there might not be much of a difference since you are located in the flagship store area. Checking with RadPower would be the best source, since they are just a (local) phone call away.


Thanks. Actually, it's $199 for RAD and $249 for Velofix (extra $50). I did  call RAD and asked and they pretty much said it's the same service here. I went with RAD so I'm hoping they also do the fine tuning and extra care that I'm hearing about Velofix, and not just drop the bike off at the doorstep. I also had them add an installation note to untighten all of the accessory screws as I've heard many posters stating that they were torqued so high that they stripped them trying to take them off.

This is probably going to piss off a lot of people, but I placed my order on September 15 and just got the message that they are delivering October 11 (when I initially added to the cart it said November 15). I think it makes a huge difference when you're just down the road and also select RAD assembly and delivery.


I see, re the $49 fee.

I was fortunate enough that they had the RadMini ST in stock when I ordered in August, shipping was to be in an expected 3 to 5 days, had it on my doorstep on the 5th working day after ordering! Hard to beat! I might be wrong, but it seemed to be in a warehouse in Toronto.

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