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Looking for wireless phone charger with handlebar bracket

Started by RayStDenis, October 02, 2021, 10:27:30 PM

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I have a Rad Runner Plus and I've been searching but cannot seem to find a decent wireless phone charger that comes with a handlebar bracket. Don't like plugging a cable into my iPhone 11 every time I go out. I have a really nice one that auto clamps when it detects a phone and use it in my car, but the company doesn't sell a version with a proper bracket for a bike. Other models I found would work great except they are meant for motorcycles with 12v terminals. I plan to mount a small USB power bank to power a couple of items including the phone as I would prefer not to use the USB port of the controller and affect my distance, plus I don't think there's enough amps to keep a phone going.

Any help would be appreciated.


1) Get a bike mount for your phone. 2) Get a wireless charger. 3) Mod them togeather. DONE! The wireless charger is simply a coil of wire you can easly add to the phone bike mount.


Quadlock handlebar mount with their wireless charging accessory. There are different mounting style options, but they are listed on the website.


I looked at the Quadlock system, and I must admit that it does look like a neat and secure option, but declined it because I just bought a new phone case and belt clip a couple weeks ago.

I looked at doing the add-on wireless charger, but couldn't find one thin enough to fit between the mount and the phone.

I decided to order the following phone holder with built in wireless charger. I looked at over 50 of them and this model seems to be the only one that supports a 5V USB-C as input.

Thanks for ideas guys.



FYI to modify a wireless charger you need to open the case. You will find a very thin coil of wire that you can easly add to a phone mount.


Good to know for future reference. Didn't realize it was that easy.


Hi Ray,
that ebay link you posted expired.
I'm also very interested in solving this problem. Please let me know what you've learned since then. thanks

John Rose

Quote from: vudude on October 03, 2021, 01:01:50 AM
... The wireless charger is simply a coil of wire you can easly add to the phone bike mount.
There's a bit more to it than that. It needs to have an oscillator circuit to feed the coil.
Here's one of many different circuits, for an NPN transistor and 9V supply.

There's probably a bunch that use a CMOS integrated circuit to reduce parts count. I guess you need a frequency on the order of 12.9 kHz, which is in the upper audio range.
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John Rose

Quote from: RayStDenis on October 04, 2021, 10:29:01 PM
... I just bought a new phone case and belt clip a couple weeks ago. ...
Any metal in the belt clip might interfere with charging by partially shielding the phone from the charger coil, and the added thickness might increase the distance to the charging coil and thereby reduce the coupling.
Or have you already tried it out on a regular charging pad at home?
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Literally is LITERALLY the most annoying word of the decade.

Water Doc

Maybe a Back up Battery would be cheaper and easier? 
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I suggest getting a cheap wireless charger puck for $10-$15 mail order. Hot glue it to the mount. I use the setup at my desk and it works fine. For a bike, I suggest using one of those mounts with a rubber band backup. The rubber gasket thing will keep the phone in place.

I don't do it myself because:

Wireless charging causes heat which is fine in an AC car. I have tried wireless charging on a bike, in 95 degrees weather with the display on max brightness and a navigation app running, sun directly on the phone, the charger/phone shuts down because of the heat. I suppose if you go fast enough on a bike, maybe the wind cooling would offset the excess heat. I am saying it is not an automatic solution and there is no guarantee it will work in hot weather under the sun.

Now I use two mounts. One for a battery and one for the phone and I use a cable to connect the 2. The one for the battery does not need to point up and is installed upside down, with a rubber band holding the battery in place in addition for security. The temperature of the phone is lower.

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